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Hartford, CT, CT, us
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Started working at the age of 16 for Spillanes Towing in Hartford, CT. Then I worked for Halprins Towing in Hartford. After that I worked for Tolland Automotive in Hartford, CT. I now own a large truck wash operation here in East Hartford CT and have since 1986. My love is wreckers and the towing industry. I am very outspoken about tow companies who use and rip off the public and corrupt towing assocations. If I can ever be of help to anyone please feel free to call me at anytime, 860-878-8509

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My hobbies include collecting wreckers and mercs of the 50s.

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Truck Washing & Collector Of Wreckers

" Traitor's must die at all cost's, why dead Because the dead don't talk.

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